Tips For Staying Safe When Working As A Nanny

While the job of a nanny is to protect, feed, take care of, and play with the children they are supposed to supervise, it is crucial for nannies to also protect themselves. This is equally important for the babysitting process in itself. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Nannies should also perform background checks when they are getting ready to provide their service to a certain family. Interviews should also be completed with a few safety matters in mind, and additional home safety precautions are also necessary when babysitting children. Potential burglars will not care less who is home-sitting or babysitting.

Things To Be Aware Of

  • Avoid giving your last name, home and e-mail address, phone number, or place of work details to someone you have not met in person. The same goes for people you did meet in person, but you do not feel you can put your trust in.

  • Do not communicate with people who try yo force you into providing them with any financial information.

  • Take all the needed precautions to keep yourself protected against various types of threats.

  • See if you are fine with doing the tasks and duties a certain family will need you to take care of. Set clear limits and rules, and clearly state what you will and will not agree to do.

  • Rely on your intuition during the interview and try to determine whether you could see yourself working with the respective family or not. Keep in mind you will need to feel completely safe and willing to work with them. You can always find a different family, so don't worry too much if you won;t find your match in the first place.

  • Ask when was the last time they hired a locksmith for house needs. Fresh locks on the main entryways should provide you with more peace of mind. On the other hand, old and rusty locks that do not effectively lock or unlock doors are clear signs of a vulnerable property. TSafeguarding with locksmith assistancehe presence of a home alarm should also convince you that you could be working for a family that shows concern to the matter of home safety. If they also have sensor lights around the house, a home safe, surveillance cameras, and locks on the windows, you will most likely reach a home that is well secured.

  • Hollywood movies revolving around kidnappings and home invasions are usually based on real stories. And they often times have young babysitters at the center of the action. As a nanny, you will want to know you will reach a safe location, and you will be able to lock yourself inside the house and stay safe.

How To Stay Safe On The Job

Prior to starting your job, you should let someone close to you know about it. tell someone about it. Share the address and the work hours, and let them know how to get in touch with you if something comes up.

Always lock the doors and windows when staying in, and put your safety first. Call 911 if you notice anything suspicious.

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