Home Safety Tips For Nannies

How important would you currently rate the safety of your home? Do you have any small children? Have you ever hired a nanny? How well would you say the experience went? Would you do it again? To most people, the security of their homes is a critical aspect that concerns them and affects their lives all year round.

Since summer is here, and more and more kids will be running in and out of their homes nonstop, chances are you will need to contract the serviced of a professional nanny. We warmly invite you to take a look at our offer in this regard and get int ouch with us for any further questions you may have. In the meanwhile, here are a few clever ways of making things easier on your next nanny – by creating a safe and healthy environment for them and the children.

OSHA Regulations, Nannies, And Home Safetynearest emergency locksmith

  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers must ensure all employees will benefit from a hazard-free work environment. In other words, employers need to provide proper safety training to all employees. They must also keep them informed on the hazardous chemicals to which they may be exposed.

  • When it comes to babysitting, nannies can be subjected to a number of other specific perils and hazards. Given the fact that they will be spending their time watching the children inside employers' homes, they may be subjected to break-ins, home invasion, and home burglaries.

  • Parents need to prepare written instructions on what numbers to call in case the home alarm goes off out of the blue, how to arm and disarm it, use electronic locks, where to find the first aid kits, and the list goes on.

  • Parents should also prepare clear plans for fire and other specific home emergency scenarios. If a safe room exists inside the home, nannies should be clearly instructed on how to reach and use it. They should be given a key to the safe room and informed about the existence of an emergency phone inside the respective room.

  • In the event of a home invasion or burglary, they should use the safe room to hide together with the children. Special survival kits, prescription medication the kids might be on, blankets, water, snacks, and flashlights should all be part of the items found in the respective room.

  • Clear fire, floor, power outage or burglary escape plans should therefore be set up my parents, and nannies should receive copies of them upon hiring.

The Importance Of Securing A Home When Hiring A Nanny

In order to ensure a fully safe work environment for your future nanny, you should hire the nearest emergency locksmith and have them inspect all the locks on your doors and windows. All flaws and problems should be immediately taken care of by re-keying, fixing, or installing new locks. It is highly advisable to have surveillance cameras installed inside your home, as well as a reliable home alarm system, if you do not already have one.

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