Should You Change Locks After A Nanny Leaves?

Nannies are so much more than simple caregivers for children; they often times form powerful bonds with the children they are responsible for, and get to spend more waking hours with the kids than their parents. This is why it is crucial that parents only hire the most reliable, trustworthy, and professional nannies they can find. Our agency warmly invites you to take a look at the top choices we have prepared for you. Get in touch with us and let us answer your every question or concern, so you can know for a fact that you will be making the right call since day one.

But while the moment of actually selecting the best nannies for your children can be difficult,m what about when the time comes for the nanny to move on? Never underestimate the profoundness of this type of loss. Or the disruptive effects the act itself can have on children's lives and routines. Most parents do the nanny turnover at the start of a new school year, when their children's needs change. What would you consider a healthy and safe approach what about the rest of the logistics of switching nannies? Would you consider changing the locks on your home?

When Is The Ideal Time For Nanny Turnovers?

  • Most parents would agree that the time when children are away for summer camp or away on a family vacation would work best. Why? Because their routine is already different to their day to day one. Changing nannies now should not interrupt their routine during the school either either.

  • Of course, if for some reason you are forced to change nannies at a different moment in time, it is important to go about the right psychological approach about it.

  • Namely, you should relate to your child's feelings of sadness at the news of their nanny leaving. Showing them you feel the same way will encourage them to express their feelings and better cope with the phenomenon.

The Nanny's Gone – Should I Change Locks?recommended locksmith s company

  • If everything has gone by the books, you've totally and honestly trusted your nanny and their integrity and moral compass, you have no reason to worry about security matters. Nevertheless, homes with old locks that are worn-out and have not been services or re-keyed in years should undergo the expert work of professional home locksmiths.

  • It can also never hurt to be too careful about the safety of your household, especially when you have children living in it.

  • Neighborhood burglaries and opportunist acts of theft from cars parked in the driveway are all part of today's reality. You definitely want to know that your kids will be well taken are of in a fully locked up home while you are away at work, just like you will need to know your car will be entirely safe to drive them to school every morning. Find a highly recommended locksmith company in town and have them assess the state of your locks on the main entryways, windows included, and make the necessary changes.

  • If, for nay reason, you suspect the formed nanny might have kept a copy of your home ley, or handed it to someone else, you should also go ahead and have all locks re-keyed and alarm codes changed.

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