Should Your Nanny Receive A Spare Key To Your Home?

Do you think it is a good idea to give your nanny a spare key to your home? There are a number of scenarios in which a lot of hassle and headache could be avoided if your nanny would have a key on their own. For example, when one of the spouses might sleep through the doll bell and phone ringing, and the nanny would be forced to sit in front of the door for half an hour in the pouring rain early in the morning. Or when one of the kids might forget their science project at home before heading out to school, and the nanny could go back, pick it up, and save the day. And the list could go on for a while.

Spare Keys Can Prevent Emergencies

  • Picture this: your young son or daughter have remained accidentally locked inside the house, while you and your spouse are both at work. Your nanny is luckily there, only she has remained on the outside of the front door. She was maybe grabbing their favorite toy from the back yard, and the wind had pushed the door locked. And now she has remained stranded on the exterior. Should they have a spare key to use, they would manage to immediately get inside the house and prevent any potential accidents.

  • Many people argue that since you are already trusting your children with the nanny all day long, you should have no problem trusting her with the keys to your home. The nanny should be able to gain access to a spare key throughout the day, so she can let herself and your children in and out whenever they need to. You should not have to interrupt your work and ask for a temporary leave in order to make sure that the nanny and your children get in and out of the house every time. So a spare key would only sound logical.

What Could Go Wrong?

  • Of course, there is also the worry that things might not turn out as good as expected with your nanny, and you might need to eventually let her go. Provided you had already given her a spare set of keys to your place, you will need to prepare yourself for a considerable expense with having all the locks replaced or re-keyed. An authorized and experienced locksmith for homes or a good lock re-key service near you should be able to rapidly assist you with this request. And you might even manage to obtain a better price for having several locks changed at once.

  • But no one truly enjoys the thought of having to look for locksmiths to come over to your house and change locks. You will of course have to check for their credentials, ask for references, read customer reviews, and compares rates until you can actually come across the best service to hire. In other words, more precious time wasted. In the meanwhile, you will be sleeping in a home to which your possibly angry ex-nanny might still be holding on to a spare key. Not a pleasant thought to go to bed with, isn't it?

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