A Modern Parent’s Guide To Manage Little Video Gamers

Parenting doesn’t come with instructions – this is what makes so many parents fail in the hardest job to guide and teach their children to become mature and good adults.

Sometimes, a nanny’s help is also welcomed as a very smart choice. A nanny can have a strong impact on children, she is not her mom nor a school teacher, yet she is someone in between which can support both mom and school teacher in their educative tasks.

Many Children Love Video Games

Once nannies spent a lot of their time playing games with children, teaching them how to speak or how to behave in certain situations. On the opposite side, today’s nannies and parents share big concerns when it comes to video gaming. It’s a matter of fact that most children and kids like to play video games and, because of their very young age, they can’t put a limit on their game playing.

As a result, they might even spend entire days playing games over and over.

A Few Golden Tips

We’ve found a smart guide to all parents and nannies who have to face this kind of a problem:

  • What types of video games are more recommended? If you see that it’s unavoidable for your child to play video games, try to check what type of games he/she likes the most. Video games that have negative content or hidden messages or violence should be absolutely and definitely avoided.
  • How much time to spend playing video games? When a child is busy with a video game, parents can take their time to do homework or others, but it’s important to check the clock and see how much time the child is spending playing video games. Suggest a break for a quick meal or for going outside from time to time.
  • How can I drug children away from video games? The best way is to give children rules and to be reasonably firm on those rules. Have much patience to wait until they get accustomed to the new rules.

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