Useful Guidelines To Keep Children Off Video Games

It’s out of doubt: new technologies are not only changing the way adults look at the world and behave in several life situations, but such technologies are also changing the way children of our days spend their time and play.

child and video gameYesterday Vs. Today

Once upon a time there little girls used to love their stuffed often hand-made dolls while little boys used to play a lot wooden trains and small hand-crafted cars and figures. That time looks today so desperately far away, especially if we have a look at how today’s children use to spend their time – which means playing video games, console games and mobile games (often times using their parent’s devices).

Tips For Parents And Nannies

The actual approach to toys looks very different, as a consequence, with less attention and concern for physical toys. Both parents and nannies will find useful to know a few tips to keep their children off video games and anything which is related to online technologies:

  • Get involved in the type of video games that your child likes
  • Understand what a video game can represent for him/her and how you could replace the video game with a physical toy or an outdoor activity
  • Limit how much time your child spends playing video games
  • Prefer multiple player-games instead of single player ones
  • Choose video games that don’t include violence or negative content

Video Gaming And Adults

The fact that thousands of children look so attracted by video games could let us imagine that they are more likely to become online game players in the adult life.

In fact, there are thousands of adults who spend much time to play games in the internet. The most chosen types of games include:

  • Social games that you can find on certain socials like Facebook
  • Adventure or funny games that are also on Google Playstore
  • Casino games of all types

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