Do Nannies Also Need To Clean Your Home?

This is by far one of the most common questions lots of parents considering hiring a nanny for the first time ask themselves. Should a nanny be responsible for something more than simply looking after the children? Maybe do a little cooking for them – or the rest of the family – or clean up? Knowing which are the typical duties of a nanny should aid tremendously. Learn what is considered standard and additional work, so you can take the best decisions for your family, as well as the nanny that you will be hiring. Below you will find a few of the most typical child care, as well as housekeeping responsibilities that can be normally expected from a nanny.

Standard Child Care Responsibilities

These standard and rather common duties are to be clearly marked in the contract. They refer to the nanny caring for newborns by feeding them their bottles and changing diapers, bathing and helping children dress, assist them with brushing their teeth and flossing, if necessary.

Nannies are also required to help potty train toddlers, teach them manners, play games with them, teach them new skills, help them read and write, take them to parks, schools, or the zoo, give them medicine when they are sick, and even organize play dates with other kids.

Standard Nanny Housekeeping Responsibility

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There are also a series of specific housekeeping tasks that are considered to be a standard part of a nanny’s job. They normally revolve around house chores related to taking care of children, such as cleaning the formula bottles, emptying the diaper pails, taking out the trash from the children’s rooms, making their beds and cleaning the rooms, organizing and picking up their toys and closets, doing their laundry, doing the dishes after the children are done eating, cleaning up the bathroom after attending to the children’s personal hygiene, preparing and cooking meals, lunches, and snacks for trips, and the list goes on.

Nannies can also be asked to make the beds throughout the entire house, do the laundry, and cook meals for the family if they agree to do it and be compensated for it. They can also be asked to vacuum and dust the rooms that do not belong to the kids, clean the bathroom, mop floors – anything that a local cleaning service could do for you. Well, almost anything. Chances are, asking a nanny whose main job is to care for your children to fix the broken fringes on your Oriental carpet, they won’t be able to do it. Or ask a nanny to steam clean your upholstery and get you rid of a moth infestation. There’s a very slim chance of that happening unless they work as professional cleaners in their spare time.

If you have found a nanny that is great with the kids, but will not accept to do any additional home cleaning other than focused on the children, you can always hire professional cleaners instead and stick to the jewel you’ve found.

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