Nanny Salaries & Placement Fees

Registration Fee

A one-time $260 registration fee is required for all new families to join MBR Nanny Network. Once paid, you will not be asked to pay a registration fee for any future placements.

Nanny Salaries

Nannies receive a weekly salary based on a guaranteed number of hours at a rate ranging from $16 to $22 per hour. The biggest determinant of salary is experience of the nanny, but level of education, hours, flexibility, number and ages of children may also enter into a salary negotiation. The agency discusses salary ranges with both nannies and families. While we’re happy to offer guidance about what is appropriate for a particular position, specific compensation is negotiated directly by the family and the nanny.

Agency Fees

  • 5-15 hours per week Part-Time (Low) Placement $1,950 (based on one year)
  • 16-29 hours per week Part-Time (High) Placement $2,950 (based on one year)
  • 30-44 hours per week Full-Time (Low) Placement $3,950 (based on one year)
  • 45+ hours per week Full-Time (High) Placement $4,950 (based on one year)
  • 40+ hours per week Live-In Placement $5,550 (based on one year)

The agency fee is due in full upon acceptance of a verbal or written offer by a candidate. We accept American Express, Mastercard and Visa, as well as personal checks. 

Nanny Fees for Short-Term Nannies

By the Hour                 (4 hours minimum)       $16-$22 per hour

Overnight      $100-$120 per night

Newborn care     $18-$25 per hour

Hotel sitting      $20-$25 per hour

Agency Fees for Short-Term Nannies

Scheduled in advance - $55 per visit

Emergency care   (24 hours notice or less)    - $70 per visit

Payment Arrangements

Temporary nannies are paid directly by the family. Agency placement fees are charged to a credit card. We accept American Express, Mastercard and Visa. We must have a valid credit card and client agreement on file in order to begin work on a job order.

Household Employment Taxes

When you hire a household employee, there are unique legal and tax issues involved. We refer our clients exclusively to 4 Nanny Taxes. They are experts at handling household employment payroll and tax obligations and we encourage our client families to seek their advice and assistance.

Comprehensive Screening Package

The complete screening package is available for $350. We must have a completed order form and candidate release form on file to begin the screening process.